Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SECC?

The State Employees Charitable Campaign was created in 1987 to COMBINE all charitable appeals and giving drives into one annual event. Participation in the annual SECC means assurance that the most efficient and consistent pathway is being used for state employees to support our annual tradition of charitable giving.

Why should I donate through the SECC?

Giving through payroll deduction is one of the best ways to support the charities you care about. You can give small amounts with each paycheck that add up to make a big difference for deserving causes. Your donations are deducted automatically from each paycheck. It's easy, efficient, and affordable.

Why is giving through payroll deduction better than sending a check directly to the charity?

Payroll deduction contributions are incredibly beneficial. Regularly contributed funding, even in small amounts, provides the charity with consistent streams of revenue. Other contributions are greatly appreciated but not budgeted; however, payroll contributions help ensure that the charity's programming can go on as planned, regardless if other funding is sporadic. Additionally, the charity greatly benefits from the reduced cost of administrative work associated with gift processing.

When employees designate through payroll deduction, they are helping the organization decrease fundraising costs and streamline processes so that a greater percentage of the gift goes directly to programming for individuals being served.

How can I find more information about charitable giving?

Click here to access our Charitable Giving Resource Guide. The best donor is an informed donor.

Who can I donate to through the SECC?

You have the option to donate to over 1200 charities that impact communities on a local, state or national level. With so many choices, you can donate to a cause that's important to you.

When can I donate through the SECC?

The campaign runs for five weeks from mid-September to mid-October. You can pledge by payroll deduction anytime during these dates using your MI-HR Self-Service Account or anytime throughout the year by calling the MI-HR Service Center directly at (877) 766-6447.

If you work for the Auditor General, Judicial Branch or Legislative Branch, contact your department or agency HR office.

How can I donate through the SECC?

Through payroll deduction using your MI HR Self-Service Account, by telephone (877) 766-6447, online or by check or credit card.

If you work for the Auditor General, Judicial Branch or Legislative Branch, contact your department or agency HR office.

What is an Umbrella Charity?

An umbrella, sometimes called a federation or association, is an organization that represents groups of nonprofit charities in the SECC Statewide campaign. Some umbrellas bring together charities with common missions, such as health care or environmental conservation. Others are associations of nonprofits with wide-ranging interests.

What can $1 per pay period provide?

  • Provides a Make-A-Wish recipient with a magical send-off party before his/her wish trip.
  • Provides a book each month for one year, mailed to a child under the age of 5.
  • Provides comfort kits to 10 clients. (American Red Cross-Northern MI Chapter)
  • Can provide a dozen strawberry plants for an urban orchard (EarthShare of Michigan)
  • Sends 4 local-language books to a school. (UNICEF USA)
  • Provide a water purification facility to a community and provide textbooks for a student in need. (Food for the Hungry)
  • Enables AAFA to provide one day of free service on AAFA’s national websites, which offers free support for patients when they need it the most. (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America)
  • Allows a patient and their caregiver to learn about the latest in treatment options and attend a Leukemia Research Foundation free patient education program.

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What can $5 per pay period provide?

  • Provide 2 cribs and baby essentials to a newborn to ensure they have a safe place to sleep. (Branch County United Way)
  • Immunizations for 25 children in developing countries. (America's Charities)
  • Pays for one month of healthy after school care to children who otherwise may be latchkey kids (Char-Em United Way)
  • Will assist St. Jude in providing a St. Jude family with meals for one week in the St. Jude cafeteria.
  • Provides a family affected by Alzheimer’s dementia with two hours of counseling support. (Alzheimer’s Association)
  • Provides a monthly food box for 8 families. (Salvation Army)
  • Funds a share of a school building so communities can educate their youth safely and effectively. (Church World Service)

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What can $10 per pay period provide?

  • Lodging for a military family near hospital while veteran undergoes surgery. (America's Best Charities)
  • Provides 1 month of life saving medication to a working individual without insurance. (Branch County United Way)
  • Will help pay for the cost of a mammogram for someone that is uninsured or underinsured at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.
  • Provides a brand new wheelchair and gives mobility to a disabled person. (IOCC)
  • Gives 98 hours of help for frail elderly people needing help with independent living in West Michigan. (United Way of the Lakeshore)
  • Grief activity supplies journals, workbooks, arts/crafts, snacks) for 10 children in our Children's Grief Recovery Workshop for 8 weeks. (Gabby's Ladder)
  • 260 blankets for those affected by disaster. (United Way Montcalm-Ionia Counties)
  • Trains a local field advocate to fight for suicide prevention legislation. (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)

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I filled out my pledge form, now what?

That depends. If you selected 'payroll deduction' then your form should be mailed to: 

ATTN: MI HR Service Center
P.O. Box 30002
Lansing, MI 48909 

If you work for the Auditor General, Judicial Branch or Legislative Branch, contact your department or agency HR office.

If you are using a check or credit card then your form should be mailed to:

ATTN: Campaign Manager/Fiscal Agent
Michigan Association of United Ways
330 Marshall Street, Suite 211
Lansing, MI 48912

The campaign is over and I forgot to make a pledge. Can I still give?

Although open enrollment runs from mid-September to mid-October, you can call the MI HR Service Center at (877) 766-6447 anytime throughout the year to add or change your payroll deduction.

If you work for the Auditor General, Judicial Branch or Legislative Branch, contact your department or agency HR office.

How can I volunteer with the SECC?

Email the current SECC Statewide Coordinator, Rodney Parkkonen at or SECC Program Director, Heather Travis at

I don't see my favorite charity.

Email a Campaign Associate and find out how to get a charity listed in the SECC.

I don't see an answer to my question.

Email a Campaign Associate and get a quick answer here.

To make a pledge for the 2019 campaign, call the HR Service Center at 877-766-6447.

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