About the SECC

The State Employees Charitable Campaign was created in 1987 to combine all charitable appeals and giving drives into one annual event. Participation in the annual SECC means assurance that the most efficient and consistent pathway is being used for state employees to support our annual tradition of charitable giving. The active solicitation period offers State of Michigan employees the opportunity to give through bi-weekly payroll deduction or one-time gifts to the charities of their choice. State of Michigan retirees can donate anytime throughout the year via check or credit card. The Retirees Campaign typically kicks off in August.

Campaign Structure

The Michigan SECC uses a campaign structure that brings groups of organizations together to collaboratively campaign on behalf of a variety of groups and causes. This is called a “Federated” or “Umbrella” campaign structure. This is a great way to campaign because it keeps costs low, shares best practices and ensures that there is equal opportunity to participate regardless of an organization’s size or location. SECC recognizes that employees are a diverse donor base committed to choice and integrity. By design, this is a true collaboration and SECC does not “belong” to any one of these individual Federations, United Ways, or participating charities. The State Employees Charitable Campaign belongs to you, the state employee!


The Michigan SECC is administered by a Steering Committee comprised of state employees from the following areas: Civil Service Commission, Department of Technology, Management and Budget, Office of Retirement Services, Michigan State Housing and Development Authority, Office of the State Employer, Talent and Economic Development, Treasury, a Labor organization and the most recent past state campaign coordinator. The Steering Committee administers the campaign through subcommittees of state employees and partner charities (LCOAs) throughout the state. These committees have been charged with maintenance of policy, procedure and programming specifically designed by state employees. View the SECC By-Laws here.

State of Michigan - Financial Management Guide (Chapter 2, Section 600)

Charity Participation

Those charitable organizations authorized to receive donations from State of Michigan employees through payroll deductions shall be eligible to participate in the annual SECC provided they meet all application requirements and deadlines set forth by the SECC Steering Committee.

To protect the integrity of the campaign, each umbrella organization must have the following documentation on file for itself and each member charity it represents when submitting its application to the SECC Steering Committee:

  • The most recent 501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS
  • Current Charitable Solicitation Registration (License to Solicit) or exemption letter from the State of Michigan Attorney General
    • Registrations/Licenses are considered expired if the expiration date is prior to April 1, 2019 -- must be on or after this date to be considered current for the 2019-2020 campaign
  • The most recent available IRS Form 990, 990-EZ or Pro forma financials
    • The date on the 990 cannot precede 2017 and the fiscal year end date cannot be more than 18 months prior to January 2019 (on or after 6/30/17) to be considered current for the 2019-2020 campaign
  • Must have been in business for at least one year
  • SECC Affirmation of Non-Discrimination

SECC Charity Participation Policies can be found here.

Give to your favorite SECC charity via payroll deduction. Call the MI HR Service Center at 877-766-6447.

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