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Calendar of Events

SECC Leadership

David Behen, 2017-2018 SECC Statewide Chair
Director, Department of Technology, Management and Budget

Christyn Herman, 2017-2018 SECC Statewide Coordinator
Communications Representative, Department of Technology, Management and Budget


Steering Committee

Tim McCormick, SECC Chair, Department of Technology, Management and Budget

Jennifer Edmonds, Past SECC State Coordinator, Talent and Economic Development

Nancy Grijalva, Department of Health and Human Services (Past Statewide Coordinator)

Gina Huhn, Military and Veterans Affairs

Ross Martin, Treasury

Wayne Maybaugh, Office of the State Employer

Ken Moore, Michigan State Employees Association, (AFSCME, Local 5 – AFL-CIO)

Michelle Taylor, Civil Service Commission


SECC Staff

Heather S. Travis, SECC Program Director/Fiscal Agent | (517) 664-9800


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